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2014-15 Winter Closure Safety Preparations
2014 Shared Resources Consortium Call for Proposals
Launch of Search for Associate Vice Chancellor for Research to run Office of Intellectual Property & Industry Sponsored Research
Activities Leading to Event to Reveal UCLA's First Grand Challenge Project
Address to UCLA Postdoctoral Scholars Reception
Administrative Vice Chancellor Jack Powazek Shares Important Information Regarding the 2014-15 Winter Holiday Closure
News and announcements
Announcement from Assistant Vice Chancellor James Gibson about One-Time Distribution of PPE
Announcement from Associate VC Marcia Smith about enhancements to the PI Portal service.
Announcement from Associate Vice Chancellor Brendan Rauw Regarding GSK Discovery Fast Track Competition
Announcement from Associate Vice Chancellor Marcia Smith to ORA News listserv regarding UCLA conversion to single fund number processing
Announcement from EHS Director James Gibson About New Laboratory Hazard Assessment Tool Apr 02, 2013 06:10 PM
Announcement from EHS Director James H Gibson & Associate Vice Chancellor for Research Nancy L. Wayne about minors in laboratories and shops.
Announcement from James Gibson Regarding Minors in Laboratories and Shops
Announcement from VC Economou & AVC Rauw to UCLA Faculty Regarding GSK Solicitation
Announcement from Vice Chancellor James S. Economou and Director James H. Gibson to provide guidance to PIs, managers and supervisors with staff and/or students working in laboratories and other campus facilities during the campus winter closure
Announcement from Vice Provost of Graduate Education & Dean of the Graduate Division, Robin L. Garrell, regarding the new campus policy for visiting graduate researchers.
Announcement of Change in IRB Fees for Industry-Sponsored Clinical Trials
Announcement of Fall 2011 Transdisciplinary Seed Grant Recipients
Announcement of Nomination Committee for OIP-ISR Board & Call for Nominations
Announcement of Spring 2012 Transdisciplinary Seed Grant Cycle & Partnership with Faculty Diversity & Development Office & Clinical and Translational Science Institute
OVCR Announces Three Open Funding Opportunities from UC, Funding Opportunity Newsletters & TSG Deadline
Announcement of Transdisciplinary Seed Grant Recipients from Fall 2012/Cycle 4
Announcement of UCLA Grand Challenges Student Contest
UCLA Grand Challenges officially announced its first student contest for the Thriving in a Hotter Los Angeles Grand Challenge Project.
Announcement regarding initiation of Research Informatics Strategic Planning Process
Announcement Regarding New UCOP Laboratory Safety Policies
Announcement regarding Shared Resources Consortium and Call for Proposals for Funding for New & Existing Research Shared Resources.
Assistant Vice Chancellor James Gibson and Associate Vice Chancellor Nancy Wayne Announce Use of New Chemical Inventory System
Associate Vice Chancellor Marcia Smith Announces PI Portal Enhancement
Associate Vice Chancellor Marcia Smith Shares Update about What to Expect with Looming Shutdown
California Blueprint for Research to Advance Innovations in Neuroscience (Cal-BRAIN) Co-Directors announce new Seed Grant Program.
Call for Participants for UCLA Working Group on Poverty
Call for Proposals for Shared Resources (2013)
Chair Kenneth Bradley & Vice Chancellor Economou announce Laboratory Safety Compliance Procedure
Chancellor Block Announces First UCLA Grand Challenge Project
Chancellor Block, Vice Chancellor Economou and three faculty members invited to the White House for the unveiling of the BRAIN Initiative
Chancellor Gene D. Block Provides an Important Message on the Importance of Research
Clinical Research Infrastructure Town Hall Announcement
Vice Chancellor Economou & Conflict of Interest Review Committee Chair advise deans and directors regarding implementation plan for new Conflict of Interest regulations
Deadline for Transdisciplinary Seed Grant Proposals Extended to December 2, 2011
Draft of “UCLA Ecosystem for Entrepreneurship Part II: Transition to a new technology transfer process” is now available for campus review
Due Date for Cycle 5 Transdisciplinary Seed Grants Extended until 12/6/2013
Enhanced Laboratory Safety Tools
Executive Vice Chancellor & Provost Scott Waugh Announces New CNSI Futures Committee
First Annual UCLA “Code for the Mission” App Competition
First UCLA Falling Walls Competition a Success
Graduate Division Introduces New Individual Development Plan Website
Invitation for Campus Input on “Ecosystem for Entrepreneurship at UCLA”
Invitation to David Geffen School of Medicine Safety Fair on May 6, 2014
Invitation to Subscribe to Research Funding Opportunity Newsletter
Invitation to UCLA Students Under Age 35 to Participate in Fast Pitch Competition - Inaugural UCLA Falling Walls Event
Jeffrey F. Miller Appointed Director of CNSI
New Formalized Process for Visiting Undergraduate Students
Office of Environment, Health & Safety announces improvements to Laboratory Hazard Assessment Tool (LHAT) and Standard Operationg Procedures Template Library
Office of Intellectual Property & Industry Sponsored Research to Move Under Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research
Office of the President Publishes Multicampus Research Programs & Initiatives Request for Proposals
Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Academic Senate Council on Research launch new transdisciplinary seed grant opportunity.
Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research (OVCR) 2012 Annual Report is now available
Office of Vice Chancellor & Deans of HSSEAS, Division of Life Sciences and Division of Physical Sciences propose new approach to funding opportunity for sustainability research networks
OIP-ISR Code for the Mission contest winners announced
ORA announces enhancement of PI Portal tool
ORA announces launch of “PI Portal” and “PI Notification of Fund Expiration”
OVCR and UCLA Health Sciences Announce Appointment of Chief Medical Officer for Clinical Research
OVCR Announces the Appointment of Natasha Griffith as Director of High Containment Facilities
OVCR & COR announce Spring 2011 Transdisciplinary Seed Grant Recipients & Launch of Fall 2011 TSG Cycle
OVCR & OIT announce Research Informatics Visioning Contest
Publication of FY13 Annual Report and Winter Escalator Events
Release of Draft of Ecosystem III Report and Invitation for Campus Comment
Request for Radiation Designee for Each Department
Research Informatics Strategic Plan (RISP) Working Draft Released to Campus for Feedback
The Cancer Research Coordinating Committee (CRCC) announces the grant program for the 2015-2016 award year.
The Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research & the Academic Senate Council on Research Announce Call for Proposals for 5th Cycle of Transdisciplinary Seed Grants
Solicitation of Proposals for Fall 2012 Transdisciplinary Seed Grants
Transdisciplinary Seeds Grants Recipients Announcement
UC Intellectual Property Training Module Available
UCLA Announces a $100,000 Mobile App MHealth Challenge
UCLA Announces Members of the New Westwood Technology Transfer (WTT) Board
UCLA applauds recent decision in licensing case
UCLA Newsroom features story about new Westwood Technology Transfer Entity
UCLA Newsroom features story about Vice Chancellor Economou's Induction into the Institute of Medicine
UCLA ranks among nation's top universities in research and development spending
VC Economou Announces New Research Escalator - Faculty Resource
VC Economou Remarks to Academic Senate
Vice Chancellor Economou addresses UCLA Academic Senate
Vice Chancellor Economou and IBC Chair Zack Announce New Biosafety Training Requirement
Vice Chancellor Economou Announces Appointment of New Associate Vice Chancellor for Research & Executive Director of Entrepreneurship Brendan Rauw
Vice Chancellor Economou Announces New Funding Mechanism to Promote Research, Scholarship and Activities Related to Diversity and Equity (RIDE) on the UCLA Campus
Vice Chancellor Economou Calls for Nominations for Three Groups Associated with New Governance Structure for OIP-ISR
Vice Chancellor Economou Delivers Annual Remarks to Academic Senate
Vice Chancellor Economou delivers remarks to the Academic Senate
Vice Chancellor Economou delivers Remarks to UC Regents in Support of Establishing an Independent Technology Transfer Board of Directors
Vice Chancellor Economou delivers welcome remarks at the first UCLA Diversity Research Conference on June 22, 2012.
Vice Chancellor Economou & Director of Special Projects Ornah Medovoi Announce Fast-Pitch Competition for Breakthrough Ideas
Vice Chancellor Economou Provides Update on New Governance Structure for OIP-ISR
Vice Chancellor Economou Requests Department Appointees for Radiation Safety
Vice Chancellor Economou shares information with campus regarding new UCLA Grand Challenges initiative
Vice Chancellor Economou Shares Update about UCLA Entrepreneurship Ecosystem with Campus
Vice Chancellor Economou speaks at the May 10, 2012 Postdoctoral Scholars Reception
Vice Chancellor Economou’s remarks to UC Board of Regents regarding Entrepreneurship on January 19, 2012
Vice Chancellor for External Affairs Rhea Turteltaub announces new UCLA Spark Crowdfunding Tool

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